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08 November 2007



Don't even get me started! This post might just make me write one of my own. Since I just got over a 3 week sickness and could not even begin to follow the doctor's request to get some "extra" rest!


I was just gonig to say the ame thing as Ashli--"Do not get me started". It's just more than a little ridiculous. I don't care how sick I am I still have to do everything the same unless my mom has mercy on me and takes the kids away for awhile so I can rest. Men are total babies when it comes to being sick.

Morning Glory

That is a question that will probably never have a satisfactory answer. Men are such bad patients.

From a Distance

But then, I've seen your husband feed the children and put them to bed even when he has been working all night. So, I guess that's more work for Mommy when he's sick


My husband is such a whiner when he is sick. When he askes me to get him something to drink, I always ask (sarcastically) only if you whine a little more, dear. Maybe this is why God didn't allow them to have children -- they definitely wouldn't have been able to handle 9 months of uncomfortableness and pain!


Yeah. Nick hasn't been home in about 7 weeks to do bedtime and bath. It's killing me!


Oh my God, do NOT get me started and men and illness. It's really like my soap-box topic. They are the biggest weinies EVER!!! HaHaHaHa--just read the first couple comments about "don't get me started," and I wrote it too!!!!


Men are worse then children when they are sick!
I swear.

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