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02 November 2007


Amy B

Well, Brookey....As a former Starbucks Barista I can tell you with confidence that you put the Iced at the beginning of your drink...Iced Venti Carmel Machiatto.
My fav drinks for fall are either a grande, soy, no water, chai latte or a tall, soy, carmel macchiato. yumma. yumma.

Yes, you have an expensive habit...:)


Yummers! I am all about the venti, non fat, mochas with an extra pump of mocha and whipped cream too, of course! But that extra pump is a MUST! Awww, I love you Starbucks, seriously!


One of my favorites was this yummy chocolate drink that they USED to make and it was like drinking pure bliss I tell ya! Chantico, I think was the name of it, but you really had to limit the intake, because they were probably like 50 fat grams!


I avoid Starbucks and other coffee shops like it for THIS VERY REASON. They scare me and intimidate me. I have no clue how to order and the time or two that I have gone there and tried to order, they looked at me like I was the biggest idiot on earth. So my coffee? I get a cup of house blend with 4 little french vanilla creamers at the Diamond Shamrock. Yep. Simple. Easy. And the best part? I don't have to order from some snobby, stuck-up coffee person who's going to look their nose down on me because I put the word "iced" in the wrong place. ;-)


No offense to any Starbucks employees. Maybe I should take a class or read that book of Brooke's. However, I need another expensive beverage habit like I need a hole in the head.


It is a very sad fact that currently, the only Starbucks in Nampa is at Target......allllllll theeee waaaaaaayyyy onnnnn thhhhheeeeee ooootthhheerrrrrrr siiidddeeeee ooffff town from my house. It's sad. HOWEVER...I do frequent The Perk on campus every stinking day and I order a Soy Latte with Toffee Nut.

I know. I'm lame.


I like how when you order the wrong way, they say it back to you the way you SHOULD order it. And they always call you a retard. Seriously. That's Double Tall Retard. I screw it up every now and then just to make sure that They know what They are supposed to be doing. If they don't correct me, oh they get a letter! Gingerbread Latte's are coming!! Ha-zaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!


Grande Hazlenut Low Fat Latte

Or a Ghetto Latte if I am feeling frugal....That is an iced americano and then you add your own milk.


not a lot of money on hand? I order the americano with a shot of caramel...under $2 each time...

My friend got me started on iced Caramel Macchiatos--you're not lying, they are incredible...currently drinking one as.I.type. It has become my new addiction as well--though not quite daily. Maybe a couple times week. Caramel Macchiato date when you're here?


Oh yeah. i was loving the special they had going in october. Buy one get one free on the weekends. one for now, another one for later in the day.

SHerry-of course!!!!

Amanda F.

I don't go to Starbucks, but I go to the local chocolate/coffee shop in Guthrie or to Full Circle in OKC and get either an iced chai with soy milk or a hot chai with soy milk. It's the best. I don't like the Tazo Chai so much that they have at Starbucks.


I am all about the hot grande peppermint mocha. My second fav is the grande dulce de leche. Mmmmm.

Morning Glory

Doesn't get much more boring than this:

Tall latte, no flavor, 2% milk


I need to get that little booklet from Star bucks. We always get Starbucks every Monday at my work,(a treat from the drug reps) I never know what to order, so I always get the Chai Latte. Next time I'll be creative and order the Caramel Machiatto? Do you know if it is still yummy if made hot instead of cold? Is it only good when it's iced?


Oh... The Caramel Machiatto is good iced or HOT! It doesn't matter. Always a delish treat.


OK, here goes

Cup? I don't get this either.

Tall Vanilla skim latte.


Tall Vanilla fat-free latte.


Tall Vanilla no-fat latte.

Now I'm confused on what milk to order!


I refuse to care how they want you to order- I mean come on, really?!? I pretty much always go for an all soy chai latte, but now, thanks to your post, I have a few new ones to try- thanks everyone!


venti-sugarfree vanilla-nonfat-no foam-latte

It takes a while to get the ordering down, but once you do it is fun...

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