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07 November 2007



I swear it's us that want our children to keep the stupid things!! I killed me to take away the "baba", because it was one more step towards growing up!


What a big girl! It is harder on you more than you would think, though, weird. Way to go Charlotte! And you too Brooke!

Morning Glory

That's sort of how Beth ended with hers. We were down to just one and she lost it somewhere. I just never replaced it. When we moved out of that house, I found it between our bed and the wall, but she was completely over having one.

Good for Charley!

Morning Glory

BTW, I just looked at all your new house pictures and it's just adorable. I love all the quaint features found in houses like yours.


Yay for Charley! Another milestone! My girls neither one liked pacifiers, but getting Care Bear off the bottle was a ridiculous struggle. And getting Feisty out of the training pants is beginning to get even more ridiculous. It's getting better day by day!



Nice work!! It's so much easier just give in isn't it?!?


Oh, stay strong girl! It's been so hard not to give in, but Peri has made it 3 weeks. It's totally worth it although it does break your heart a little!

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