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09 November 2007



that's funny. Crazy how men are universally annoying, huh? Mine always leaves shit (literally) stuck to the side of the toilet. NASTY!


Two words: skid marks.

Morning Glory

I'm with you on #1 and #4.

He reads his Newsweek magazines and leaves them laying all over the house instead of getting rid of them when he's through. How hard is it to throw it away??? Hmmmm????

He's pretty cool though. I've trained him well in most things, and I'd rather pick up after him from time to time than not have him here at all.

But why can't he be perfect like me??


Socks. They should not be worn two days in a row. And they need to go IN THE LAUNDRY BASKET.

My desk is the "drop zone" for *everything* even if its HIS keys, wallet, cell, magazines, etc. AND he has his own office!!! Argh.


1. Putting trash (i.e. fast food cups, straws, tin can lids, napkins, etc....) in the sink. Um, hello....we have a trash can for things like that.

2. Going out to run an errand that should take any normal person 30 minutes max, but for him takes 4 or 5 hours.

3. With you on the toilet paper thing.

4. Shaving in the sink and not cleaning up the hair. Gross.

5. Leaving dirty socks and clothes piled up all over in the bathroom. There's a laundry basket. There's a laundry room.

Enough for now.


(once again....WTF?) Text me

Let's see...

Putting "tall" utensils on the wrong side of the utensil baskets in the dishwasher. One side only allows for short utensils or else the soap dispenser doesn't open.

He folds his toilet paper before he uses it. Wad people! There is no call for neatness when whipping one's butt.

Mows the leaves before they've all fallen off the trees, then complains ALL FREAKING DAY about the leaves falling again. Right after the mow. Um...did you expect something different to happen?


Oh yeah. I hear you on the bathroom stink issue. BUT, mine turns on the fan and THEN shuts the door. As if that will help.

I'd like to add that mine FOLDS UP his socks before he puts them in the hamper so that I am forced to further touch them before putting them in the wash. Gah!

Oh yeah, Beth, he also folds the toilet paper. We've had lengthy debates on the merits of wad vs. fold.

Dude, I had to censor the music and mute my computer. Small ears in the room.


shavings on the sink...

leaving crumbs/small spills on the counters...

pushing the trash down as far as it won't go, in order to not have to take the trash out a little longer... all because I "don't smash the boxes down"...:)

clearing his throat in a ridiculously loud way after brushing his teeth ...still scares the crap out of me.

creating an "office" on the dining room table:)


Not putting the seat down after peeing, not wiping the toilet after peeing. Leaving the bed unmade, even though he was the last one to wake up, long after I left for work! Leaving bowls and plates on the kitchen counter until the plates are all dried up with left over, drives me up the wall!!! Forgetting to rinse out the coffee maker, cluttering our already small living room, with shoes, socks, jackets,text books. I could go on and on and on, but I resign.


How about the clearing of the throat before he spits. Makes me gag every time. If it is such a production to spit, why do it?

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