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04 November 2007



Words do not express how much I love that profile picture of you and Charley-Monster-Teeth-Girl. LOVE. IT.

Glad you and Nicky had some alone time. Sorry about the vomitage. That's no good.

Yes, we used to call him Nicky when we were little. "Nicky and Allison" were their names in the pre-Rachel days. Ah, good times.

Time to put in any holiday sewing requests for your darlings. I'm making my list today.


Ick. Throwing up is not cool. Sorry about that. At least you got breakfast alone. That sounds like a dream to me! :)


That is the cutest profile pic of look so SEXY and SULTRY!! Hope you and Nick had some good grown up time.


Oy that's some serious throw up.

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