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26 February 2007


Karen but it might be a little over his head. you could try it. We like all those other sites you mentioned too.

Morning Glory

Mad? Me? Never! Been gone, tired, regrouping, etc.

Those bobble-heads on the desk in the picture are a hoot!


no kidding, I feel like nobody ever comments on mine anymore, either. BOO! Grace likes that Disney one, but I always forget about it and Sydney does her best not to let her play on the computer when she does. Little brat!


We still love you, I promise! Remember those Mr. Men/Little Miss books (i.e. Little Miss Trouble or Mr. Clever)? They have a really cute website that we like at our house -


not mad here. i don't get many comments either...but it really doesn't bug me, just one of those things ya know:). I read you daily, I may in fact be your top commenter:). just kidding.


i've been off in mancy-town and couldn't comment about my mommy secret because.. well.. i'm not a mommy. sorry! :) one thing at a time here!


Emily is still too young for ICT but at school I use the bbc website (schools section) It is really good for history. There are lots of fun games to play.


Love you brooke.
I think we are all jealous that you are going to Vegas! Have fun. Nanette


My kids really like porn.

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