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22 February 2007



I worked at McDonalds whilst I was at school. I did a lot of kids parties at the weeekends and had great fun. Happy Birthday Charley, I hope there is lots of fun at your party!


Wow. Nonalds still does b-day parties? Of course they do...what am I thinking? I remember one of Kevin's b-day parties being there. I got sick and threw up that night. Why do I still remember that? It was always traumatizing when I threw up. I can't believe Charley is almost two!!!!


Dude. I totally threw up after my 4th b-day party at Nonalds. It's a rite of passage for kids.

my baby!! two!! not possible!!


Ah, I had a Nonalds party when I turned 5. It was great. I bet she'll have so much fun!


that will be great! how fun!


i remember my mcdonald's party to be the best thing ever!! so much fun! i can't believe my flower girl is already 2! tell her to stop growing please.


You have not changed your little poll deal in awhile and you have not informed us of your response to this poll. :)
kiss kiss.

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