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27 February 2007



sounds like my husband:). that is hilarious.


children are great for embarassing moments!


children are great for embarassing moments!

Morning Glory

Back in the days when people could smoke in stores, I was standing behind a lady with a cigarette in the checkout line with 3-yr-old (or so) Beth and she says, VERY loudly,
"Mommy, that lady's smoking. She smells bad!"

Adorable little creatures, aren't they?


Say what?! Size 13????? Holy huge feet, Batman! Care Bear wears a 9. That's it. A nine.


S wears a size 13. He's almost seven. You're going to have a tall one on your hands. Can you believe how much the price of shoes changes when they jump from the toddler to the boys section? It's bad.

Reminds me of the time B saw a guy with an eye patch at the mall and she yelled, "Arrrr!" like a pirate toward him. Mhm. That was neat.


Can you bring B to me Karen? We'd get along like two peas in a pod.

Yeah. I thought Oliver's feet might be a little...big.

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