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20 February 2007


Morning Glory

Well, how did she do? Those beds are beautiful and I love the dinosaur on the skateboard.


That is awesome!! Does she already crawl out of her crib? Brek tries to, and can't, so she gets mad and just hollars. We have a toddler bed to move to eventually, but wow! a bunk bed, that's big time. We're trying the big girl undies today-she asked to try them. They'll probably be wet in a few, but at least we've tried. I can't wait to see your kiddos.


No, she can't crawl out of her bed, she did one time, but I think it was a fluke.

Every night when I put the kids down, she cries to sleep in Oliver's bed. So, I figured why not last night?

Potty training is a no - go here. She gets freaked out if I make her sit on the potty. But, we've got the panties in case. And someone gave her pull ups, they had extra so they sent them to me. They are the only 'diaper' that she'll wear. They have princesses on them and she only wants to wear the 'princess swim diaper'. She's a crack up.

They're going to have a blast together.


i love the looks like it's from a pottery barn catalog or something.


Ok. That is not our room. It is a pottery barn catalog. Couldn't tell if you were joking or not.

Didn't have a pic of our bunk beds. Sorry to disappoint peeps.


ha! i actually thought it was oliver's room and you just had pottery barn stuff in it. the art on the wallls threw me.

Morning Glory

Ok, you had me fooled too. At first I thought it was just a picture, but the art on the wall made me think it was Oliver's.


caught a portion of Grey's last night. i can see why you're hooked. I think I could get into it:)

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