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20 February 2007



Those are the conversations I dread, but that one was one for the scrapbook. Too funny!


Cutie Oliver....He really is just a cute boy. Ummm, yes at this time Baby Bottomly does have a name.....It is Silas. We usually refer to him as Silas always, I just rarely do on my blog because just what if I love his birth name? I mean he could have an amazing Ethiopian name....Like Brook or something. :)


You've got to write that one down somewhere:)


I love it!


Ha! Just had the conversation about how they come out with my 4yo. :) He thought it was very impressive somehow and then asked, "Why do only mommies get to have babies? What do MEN get to do?" He, he, he. A conversation for another day.


that's awesome.

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