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03 November 2006



delurking...found your site recently, but don't remember what brought me here but glad I found you

I have two girls, 4 1/2 and 3 1/2, and a boy who just turned 1.
Cutting sugar out is hard. Very hard and overwhelming when you start. I never allowed a lot of sugar so it is easy when I get strict here. We don't use many convienence foods anymore. Almost all whole food eating and cooking. It was a slow process, I just started reading labels and figuring out how to do things from scratch.
As far as snacks for kids. There is always fruit and veggies ready to eat. My husband makes fresh dips, I use ranch or some other creamy dressing. There is always one or the other that the girls can get themselves it they want, with cut up veggies. They love the small sweet carrots that you buy with the green attatched. I keep a bowl of small tomatoes or cherry tomatoes on the counter. They eat them like candy. I spend a little more to have fruits in appealing sizes. I buy small apples, pears because they like to eat whole ones rather then cut. They like oranges sliced because they think it is fun to open them up to eat. Mandarin oranges because they can peel them easily. Grapes are fun frozen and other berries. Sometimes I buy cheese strings as a treat otherwise I buy different kinds of cheese and change up slicing or cube for interest. Different breads, buns for change. When the bakery has mini croissants on special the kids love those. Plain yougurt and add frozen berries. Ham or turkey, sliced different ways, shaved so it's falling apart, the texture is different and seems to be fun to eat. Sliced regular and then sometimes roll it up or slice it into strips. Spread cream cheese on the ham before rolling other times. Whole wheat tortillas to make quesadillas(sp) or roll ups. Let them eat the roll up(pinwheels I think they're also called) long or cut up. Mini pita pockets make fun little sandwich, let them stuff them themselves. If we bake something, I try to substitue ingredients with better choices, whole wheat flour, less sugar, apple sauce for oil, I add ground up flax seed to everything. We make smooties regularly with plain yogurt, fresh fruit(berries, bananas, whatever is on hand), flaxseed or omega oils, soy milk or regular milk, skim milk powder, might pop in some protein powder if they haven't been eating well or much.
I let the kids pick different things to try in the produce department as well. If something catches their eye I figure what the heck, can't hurt to try something new.

TV, we have basic cable, which in Canada, doesn't give you Turn it on, I'm drawn to it, the kids turn into vegetables if I put a channel on for them and plead for more when I tell them their time is up. If I don't turn it on, nobody seems to miss it, the kids entertain themselves. I also gave away more then half of their toys and they now play with what they have for hours. There was so much stuff they were overwhelmed. It was alwasy a mess, now even if they leave everything out and don't get it cleaned up before they go to bed, it takes me less then five minutes to clean up everything because it all has a spot now.

Halloween night after trickortreating I talk to them about trading their candy in for a toy. They thought it was a good idea. The next morning they got to pick a few things to keep and then traded the rest in for a barbie each, which I just happen to have in my cupboard that I picked up for less then $3 Now I just have to get the candy out of the house before my husband and I eat it all because we have no self control.

Sorry a bit long but these are the changes we made here and it has been a great success, helped with all of our moods.


The lad isn't ADD. He couldn't spend hours playing one game; entertain himself four hours in a car while driving across America; and be wholly absorbed in his trains if he was.

He is active, yes. He is bright and his mind is always active. A label isn't going to help.


Hey Brooke, What are his sleep habits like?


Welcome Jade- It's always nice to have someone new commenting! Great suggestions for snacks, thanks alot!

Ginney- He doesn't nap, he goes to bed around 8pm, up at 6am.


No suggestions here, but I need to do much better on feeding Brek healthy foods as well. She goes in spurts, one day she loves apples, bananas, string cheese, the next day all she wants is cheez its or something. I'm curious to see more ideas. Great question


Jessica at VeryMom (now Kerflop) went all organic about six months ago and talked non-stop about the positive behavior changes she observed in her active little boys. No refined sugars, no processed flour. Her blog is in my sidebar if you want to contact her for tips. She's really friendly.


if you start making these changes now, you can start charley on them so she doesn't know what she's missing. we try to avoid sugary foods and fried foods, and eli doesn't know the difference. we try to always give him whole grain if we have the option. one brand that has really good stuff is bare naked-they have really good granola to snack on and cereal, etc. kashi has some really good honey sesame crackers that are yummy. whole wheat tortillas are good too. there's a lot of good stuff out there in the organic/whole foods section.


If it turns out he is.....there are great alternatives that small companies produce you can find at health food stores. I see them all the time. Newman's Own Organics makes snacks for kids that have all types of dietary needs and restrictions. It is possible.

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