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22 August 2006



Good luck!! Hope it goes well!


I think you're getting screwed: Did you get a new backpack, lunchbox, cool shiny pencils? Enjoy your classes, enjoy the relative silence!

rachel swany

ooh, it's so exciting! i want to go to school again!


Sounds like fun!


I liked college so much that I was a little sad to graduate. Maybe I just didnt want to get a job or something. Little did I know that all I had to do was get knocked up a couple of times and that would take care of that working thing!:)


I remember that feeling! As a gift to myself for entering mid-life, I went back to college! Some gift! Extra responsibilities, extra demands on mom-time, extra pressure to perform! But I loved it!

I hope your experience is as great as mine was--I graduated May, 2005--finally--after 31 years of trying! It was worth all the effort. I miss it! Looking for graduate school programs now. However, a little worried--that I will retire before I begin a career!

:) Diane

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