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19 August 2006



No tips here...but I LOVE the favorite T from Gap. I don't think you can ever have enough of those.


I hear ya! There are very few outfits in my closet that I really like and it is hard for me to justify clothes since I have home most of the time and will be gaining weight regulalry for the next 6 months. After the baby comes in Februray- I will have a few months to lose the weight before summer and then I want to get some hip clothes too. I'll follow your lead!


i think you and nick should just pull a switch-a-roo. he can wear your capris, and you can wear his ties.

that would be so awesome.


since nick wears ties and all... :)


Let me know what you figure out. I'd like to know. I'm in a horrible cable knit sweater rut. I gross myself out.


Check out modbe. I'm sure it's, otherwise just google it. Great t-shirts, long sleeved shirts and hoodies. The fabric is sooooo soft and they fit great and cover everything they should cover:)

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