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09 June 2006



How do these people get to be parents? Scary stuff. And I can't believe the salespeople didn't offer Charley-girl a balloon. What is wrong with these people? When you move back, you can go to the Stride Rite at Quail Springs-we went there last Saturday and the people there were really nice and knowledgeable.


To steal Jamie's idea, we'll send peanut in there to make a mess of the place. She was really busy last week at David's Bridal, but I can send her on the first flight to Denver, say, tomorrow! And you can just keep her. What a bargain. I know you haven't met peanut yet, but just you wait!

From a distance

Maybe its a sign that shopping malls are evil and should be avoided.


shopping malls throw a person into a state of confusion, and steal their money. first, they gas you as you walk through the 'perfume' section. then, you are faced with a maze of mirrors and clothes racks while suffering from perfume overdose. all the while, secret 'shoppers' disguised as old grannies are selectively placed by the fbi to block any chance of a safe exit, making you 'purchase' crap that is ugly and doesn't fit and will end up in a garage sale. which, by the way, the store buys back at 99% of the orginal price and begins the cycle all over.
the addiction of the 'perfume' high is the only reason i see that this cycle perpetuates itself...


Ok, I read the line about the little boy and his mom and I audibly gasped with my mouth hanging open. Seriously?? There are people who actually WANT and TEACH their children to be rude? Really? That is seriously disgusting.

What a horrible experience. Really horrible. I had an attack in Wal-Mart this week so I feel your pain. Intensely.


And by the way, I HATE stores and restaurants with ballooons. The trauma that it stirs in my kids is so ridiculous.

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