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05 June 2006



brooke, i am so proud of you. it looks so nice and clean and organized. nice job!


Yoshi= I just knew you'd be the very first comment on this post. i just knew it, and i was glad, cause i knew you'd be proud~


You are such a dork! But what an awesome feeling it is to feel so organized! Now the new task is to keep it that way!
So now when are you coming here to my house to show off your new skills? I am still not really nesting, go figure!


okay the flylady website scared me. How exactly do they tell you to get organized? Just some helpful tips wouldn't be able to organize my shit-ass pantry. Do tell. BTW, it looks amazing!


Wow. That is impressive. I will not be showing my husband this posting or telling him about that flylady.

Rachel Swany

Impressive! How short is Nick's hair...?


Hey Brooke, Let me know when you want me to come re-decorate your house. I am learning to interior design y'know. :-) I give family discounts. ;-)

Pink Chihuahua Princess

Looks good! I give it two weeks. hehe


Ok, I'm intrigued by the flylady website- in fact, I was talking to Summer about it this morning- but it's got a little too much information on one page! Holy Schmo! What you you mean when you say that you signed up- for e-mails or what? Tell me, organized one.

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